Sean Speer is a senior fellow at the University of Toronto’s School of Public Policy & Governance and a former adviser to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Articles by this author

Ordered Liberty

I. Introduction The dust has finally settled following the 2015 federal election. A new government has been sworn in. Outgoing Parliamentarians have departed. A leadership race to select the permanent Official Opposition Leader will soon commence. …

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Pondering populism in Canada

What is populism? How does it manifest itself? What are its causes? And is Canada susceptible to the allure of populist politics? These questions are increasingly top of mind for policy-makers and elected officials across …

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Toward big thinking in the Ontario election

The Speech from the Throne on March 19 and the provincial budget on March 28 mark the unofficial start of Ontario’s election campaign. Ontarians are bound to witness recriminations, hyperbole and bare-knuckle politics between now …

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We need to restore our diminished politics

As we make our way through the 2019 election, there’s widespread anticipation that the campaign will be marked by a combination of personality, negativity and identity politics. Policy differences will be minimized and faux disagreements …

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