Peter Loewen is a professor at the University of Toronto and a fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University.

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Not all news consumers worry about journalistic values

The dominant trend in news consumption across western democracies is that consumers increasingly obtain information about the world through social networks rather than consuming it directly from news publishers’ sites. This has had wide-ranging effect on …

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Toward big thinking in the Ontario election

The Speech from the Throne on March 19 and the provincial budget on March 28 mark the unofficial start of Ontario’s election campaign. Ontarians are bound to witness recriminations, hyperbole and bare-knuckle politics between now …

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What do Canadians want from their news?

Across the English-speaking developed countries, the broad story told about journalism is much the same: as the consumption of traditional journalism sources continues to decline, those who do consume news increasingly gravitate toward partisan sources. …

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