POLICY IMPACT: We strive to mobilize the knowledge of people who are doing important research and work in a variety of fields, in order to improve and support public policy-making in Canada.

FACTS AND EVIDENCE: We strive to present readers with original content that is factual and anchored in evidence. Wherever possible, we provide links to the primary sources of data and statistics.

CLARITY: A core objective is clear, accessible writing that can be understood by a wide variety of readers.

EDITORIAL INDEPENDENCE: Policy Options rigorously asserts its editorial independence in all of its activities, including feature series, podcasts, newsletters, and events. Financial sponsors are informed of this policy in advance.

NON-PARTISAN: The magazine is assiduously non-partisan. We often publish commentary from people who work in politics, but we do not support any party or movement.

COLLABORATION: We welcome collaboration with individuals and organizations that are also seeking to improve the nature of the public policy debate in Canada.

OFFICIAL LANGUAGES: Contributors are encouraged to submit articles in either French or English, and we will publish translations of articles when provided.

DIVERSITY: We are committed to reflecting the diversity of Canadian society in the authors that we publish.

CIVILITY: We encourage passionate debate and pointed critiques of public policy issues, but we insist on respectful and constructive discourse. We do not publish personal attacks.

TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY: We will acknowledge when we make a mistake and clearly indicate substantive corrections with an asterisk, followed by a detailed explanation at the bottom of the article in question. We expect our authors to disclose any financial, professional or personal affiliations relevant to the subject area of their article when those affiliations are not immediately apparent to the reader.