Daniel Béland is Director of the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada and Professor of Political Science at McGill University.

Articles by this author

A political year in the West

The four western provinces are typically viewed as a demographically and economically dynamic region that is a growing source of fascination in Central and Eastern Canada. Yet the West is anything but a homogeneous region, …

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American democracy and political extremism

In recent years, right-wing extremism has flourished in the United States. Last fall, for instance, the Tea Party movement encouraged the nomination of Republican midterm candidates like Sharron Angle, Rand Paul and Christine O'Donnell, whose …

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Jason Kenney’s case of Quebec envy

We’re used to hearing Alberta Premier Jason Kenney attack Ottawa in his public remarks. This is simply politics, blaming the federal government during the spring’s provincial election for the province’s sluggish economy. But over the …

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La péréquation n’est pas près de disparaître

(Cet article a été traduit de l’anglais.) Comme la plupart des États fédéraux, le Canada doit recourir à la péréquation pour amoindrir les conséquences des inégalités régionales, notamment la qualité variable des services publics provinciaux et …

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The challenge for Canada’s equalization program

(This article has been translated into French.) Canada, like most federal countries, needs equalization to ease the consequences of regional inequalities, namely the uneven quality of public services across provinces and significant population retention problems. They stem …

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