Jennifer Robson is an associate professor in the Riddell Graduate Program in Political Management at Carleton University in Ottawa.


A tale of two trends

Are these the best of financial times for ordinary Canadians, as some argue — or the worst, as others insist? The answer depends on whether you look at income or wealth. On the one hand, there's …

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Amélioration du système fiscal canadien

La mise à jour économique de l’automne prévoit certaines mesures visant à préserver la compétitivité de la fiscalité des entreprises canadiennes par rapport à celles des États-Unis. Mais quels autres aspects de notre système fiscal …

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Improving Canada’s tax system

The Fall Economic Update contained a handful of tax measures designed to keep Canada’s businesses competitive with those of the United States. But what of the myriad other aspects of our tax system that might …

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Questions for the NDP

It's a good time to study election platforms and I owe all of the federal parties a debt of gratitude for new material to study and use for teaching.  Yesterday, the NDP put out an …

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The political economy of political jobs

The Political Economy of Political Jobs This one’s for you aspiring staffers. Since October 19, I have had too many emails, calls and meetings with smart people (some are former students) who are uncertain and anxious …

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The trouble with prioritizing dads’ leave

In her April 28 article for Policy Options, Jennifer Mathers McHenry argues that the Trudeau government should have introduced dedicated paternity leave, instead of offering parents the choice of spreading their existing Employment Insurance (EI) …

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Budget 2018 analysis live from the lockup

What were the highlights of the 2018 federal budget? Policy Options Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Ditchburn, IRPP Research Director Colin Busby and Jennifer Robson, assistant professor of political management at Carleton University's Kroeger College weigh in. Download for …

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