The 2019 election campaign is under way. The parties have made major policy announcements. But so far, much of the commentary has focused on political bombshells.

When we don’t talk policy as much as we should, that’s a shame. First, because the announcements leaders make are good markers of their party’s election strategy. But more than that, because whoever forms government is going to be making good on a number of these election promises. And a healthy policy debate is crucial for citizens looking to make informed political choices.

That’s why, over the next several weeks, we’ll be highlighting the policy issues on the campaign trail by covering the three panel discussions in Policy Options’ new Election 2019 Breakfast Series. The events are being held in Ottawa in partnership with the Max Bell School of Public Policy and sponsored by the CBC.

This panel explores emerging policy themes. It features Mike De Souza, Tasha Kheiriddin and Jennifer Robson, and is moderated by Jennifer Ditchburn.

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Photo: Jennifer Robson, Tasha Kheiriddin and Mike De Souza at the Rideau Club in Ottawa for the first event in Policy Options’ election 2019 breakfast series, on September 25, 2019. By IRPP

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Tasha Kheiriddin
Tasha Kheiriddin is founder and CEO of Ellipsum Communications. She is also a columnist at and does political and current-affairs commentary on Global, CBC News Network and Radio Canada. She has a long career in media, including as news producer, radio host, and editorial board member.
Mike De Souza
Mike De Souza is an investigative producer with Global News. He has covered politics and the energy industry for more than 15 years for several media outlets including the Montreal Gazette, National Observer and Postmedia Network Inc.
Jennifer Robson
Jennifer Robson is an associate professor in the Riddell Graduate Program in Political Management at Carleton University in Ottawa. Prior to joining Carleton, she worked in the voluntary sector, and in government as a political advisor and, later, as a public servant. Twitter @JenniferRobson8
Jennifer Ditchburn
Jennifer Ditchburn is the President and CEO of the Institute for Research on Public Policy. From 2016 to 2021, she was the Editor-in-Chief of the IRPP’s influential digital magazine, Policy Options. Prior to joining the IRPP, Jennifer spent two decades covering national and parliamentary affairs for The Canadian Press and for CBC Television. She is the co-editor with Graham Fox of The Harper Factor: Assessing a Prime Minister’s Policy Legacy (McGill-Queen’s).