Trevor Tombe is an associate professor of economics at the University of Calgary and research fellow at the School of Public Policy. His research focuses on international trade and macroeconomics.


Preparing Canada for the changing global economy

Canada is a small, open economy; our prosperity depends on international trade. But as the global economic landscape changes rapidly, many are apprehensive about what the future holds. Will political developments thicken our southern border? …

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Shouldn't all policy be science-based?

Tom Mulcair's article ”Building a Balanced, Sustainable Energy Future” in the May 2013 issue of Policy Options, where he identifies “science-based” environmental policies as key to NDP priorities is, overall, a thoughtful piece. But he …

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A “Fair Deal” for Alberta?

Earlier in June, the Fair Deal Panel made public its final report to the Alberta government. The stated goal of the panel was to find ways to get Alberta a better deal in the federation, …

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What's the deal with fiscal stabilization?

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has made headlines for his proposal to hold a referendum on equalization. Now Canadian premiers have a long history of taking shots at equalization. But what’s different here is Kenney’s focus on …

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