Ari Van Assche is full professor and co-founder of the International Institute of Economic Diplomacy at HEC Montréal. He is also a research fellow at the IRPP and CIRANO in Montreal. In 2017, he co-edited the IRPP volume Redesigning Canadian Trade Policy for New Global Realities.


A more inclusive, multilateral approach to trade

Canada stands at a critical crossroads. Our economic prosperity depends on international trade and investment, but new global realities are calling into question long-standing policy goals and approaches in these vital areas. An existential threat …

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Decoupling from China
is hard to do

Eighteen months after US President Trump launched a bruising trade war against China, the two sides signed a truce in which Washington agreed to ease some tariffs on Chinese imports and Beijing agreed to step …

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Canadian trade policy at a risky crossroads

Canadian trade is at a crossroads. Rising economic anxieties combined with challenges to the global multilateral trade framework have necessitated a re-evaluation of Canadian trade policies and priorities. What should the pillars of Canadian trade policy …

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