Robert Wolfe is professor emeritus, School of Policy Studies, Queen’s University; a research fellow of IRPP; and a member of the Global Affairs Canada Trade Advisory Council.


A more inclusive, multilateral approach to trade

Canada stands at a critical crossroads. Our economic prosperity depends on international trade and investment, but new global realities are calling into question long-standing policy goals and approaches in these vital areas. An existential threat …

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How Canada can keep the lights on at the WTO

With the prospect of the global order collapsing amid protectionist acrimony, what can Canada do? In her June 2017 speech on Canada’s foreign policy priorities, Minister Chrystia Freeland stressed that Canada’s first priority is to …

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Is the USMCA just a lesser NAFTA?

The unpronounceable agreement some people derisively refer to as the “U-smacka” is expected to be signed at the G20 meetings beginning November 30. Most attention is now focused on whether the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement can …

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Where does the public sit on NAFTA?

As negotiations on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) move toward a critical stage, we wondered whether President Donald Trump’s protectionist rhetoric aligns with American public opinion. Would the American public support ripping up …

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Who has leverage in the NAFTA renegotiation?

President Trump says that if he doesn’t get the renegotiation he wants, “we will terminate… NAFTA forever.” Canadians didn’t ask for this tempest. A positive outcome for all three parties is possible, but not if …

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Canadian trade policy at a risky crossroads

Canadian trade is at a crossroads. Rising economic anxieties combined with challenges to the global multilateral trade framework have necessitated a re-evaluation of Canadian trade policies and priorities. What should the pillars of Canadian trade policy …

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