Ivy Lynn Bourgeault is a professor of sociology and University of Ottawa research chair in Gender, Diversity and the Professions. She has an international reputation for her research on gender and the health workforce.


Créer une banque de données des effectifs en santé

Dans plusieurs pays, les citoyens applaudissent dans l’embrasure de leurs portes et sur leurs balcons pour manifester leur reconnaissance aux travailleurs de la santé. La crise sanitaire met en lumière une évidence flagrante, mais souvent ignorée : …

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The missing voice of women in COVID-19 policy-making

Women remain conspicuously absent from decision-making tables across Canada despite being disproportionately affected by COVID-19 at work and at home. Women’s voices in policy-making would amplify the message that the overwhelming burden of “care work” …

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Long-term care work deserves our respect

Canada’s system of long-term care was a powder keg; COVID-19 the spark that set it alight. As the virus overtook nursing and care homes across the country, we began to hear about the outdated facilities …

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