Leslie Seidle, a consultant in public policy and governance, is director of the research program Canada’s Changing Federal Community at the IRPP.


A flawed process for federal electoral reform

While many Canadians have been sitting on the beach, camping or otherwise enjoying summer, an all-party group of MPs, the Special Committee on Electoral Reform, has been holding hearings on alternatives to the federal electoral …

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A Global Dialogue on Federalism (book review)

The internationally renowned scholar of federalism, Daniel Elazar, wrote in 1994 that ”œthe federalist revolution is among the most widespread ”” if one of the most unno- ticed ”” of the various revolutions that are …

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Guest Editor's Note

Anniversaries are often occasions to look back — to celebrate milestones, to recall memories and to take stock. They also prompt us to look forward — to reflect on challenges that lie ahead, to reassess …

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Le mot du rédacteur invité

Les anniversaires sont souvent l'occasion d'un retour sur le passé qui permet d'en retracer les temps forts, d'évoquer des souvenirs et de mesurer les changements intervenus. Mais ils nous projettent aussi dans l'avenir face à …

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Provinces also need to combat foreign worker abuses

Jason Kenney's foreign worker reforms should be expanded and enhanced by stronger provincial government commitment to combating abuse. What Kenney presented as an ”œoverhaul” of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP), though ambitious, does not address …

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Resettling Syrian refugees: The Canadian advantage

The scale and gravity of the humanitarian crisis caused by Syria’s descent into dystopia almost defy comprehension. More than 4.8 million displaced Syrians reside in camps in neighbouring countries – principally Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. …

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The exploitation of temporary foreign workers

The considerable number of temporary foreign workers who have the prospect of becoming Canadian permanent residents are vulnerable to exploitation – in part because of particular rules that govern their employment. As debate about temporary …

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The renewed Canadian Senate

When the Senate expenses scandal hit in 2012, it left the parties scrambling to reform the deeply unpopular institution. Then-Prime Minister Stephen Harper had taken small steps over the past several years, but was hitting …

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Explaining Europe's reaction to the refugee crisis

One crisis, two massively different responses. While the Canadian government's response to the refugee crisis has been heralded as model to follow, the European Union remains divided on finding an appropriate response. In this week's episode, …

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