It’s undeniable that the Internet plays a key role in the lives of Canadians…but what role should the government play in making it more accessible? That’s what the CRTC sought to clarify with its conference “#TalkBroadband,” which wrapped up last week. The discussions laid out a number of policy options – such as increased subsidies and more private competition –  in quest of the ones that would best suit Canada’s unique telecommunications landscape.

Carleton University’s Dwayne Winseck was an active participant in the conference, and he covered it in his blog. We caught up with Dwayne Winseck to get his take on the conference and how it might change Internet and telecommunications policy in Canada.

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Dwayne Winseck
Dwayne Winseck is Professor at the School of Journalism and Communication, with a cross appointment at the Institute of Political Economy, Carleton University. Winseck is director of the Canadian Media Concentration Research Project ( and has been the lead Canadian researcher in the International Media Concentration Research Project since 2009.