Republishing Guidelines

Policy Options’ mandate is to act as a public forum for the public good, stimulating a robust and healthy dialogue around public policy issues. That’s why we encourage republication of our articles, under a Creative Commons Attribution/No Derivatives license. This means you can republish our texts online or in print periodicals, as long as you follow the guidelines below.

NOTE: If you would like to republish Policy Options articles behind a paywall or for other commercial purposes, including as part of a book or textbook, please contact us for permission at

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  • You may not edit our material (except for the special cases listed below).
  • You must credit authors in the republished piece.
  • You must credit Policy Options as the original publisher, and include a link back to either our home page or the original article’s URL. Ideally, the credit would appear at the top of the article along with the Policy Options logo  (you can download it here).
  • Please use our online page view counter when republishing Policy Options The page view counter is a 1-pixel-by-1-pixel invisible image that allows us to know when and where content is republished. The simplest way to do this is to use the “republish” button that accompanies each article. The page counter will be automatically posted with the article.
  • You must verify whether you are licensed to republish the images in our articles. Commercial providers don’t allow their images to be republished without permission or payment. The sources of our images are listed on the article page. You are welcome to omit the images or substitute your own. The same rules apply to the charts and graphics that we use to illustrate our articles.

Special cases

  • Extracts: If you run an excerpt from one of our articles, you could say, as an example, “Read the full article on Policy Options” and include a link to the article.
  • Quotations: You may quote authors provided you link back to our article,.
  • Translations: If you would like to publish a translation of a Policy Options piece, please contact us at
  • Print periodicals: The republishing guidelines above apply if you wish to publish a Policy Options article in a print periodical, except you do not need to include the page counter and links. We would be grateful if you would send a PDF of the republished article to so we can add it to our records and share it with the author(s).
  • Books/textbooks: Please contact us at for permission to republish our material.