Since our kindly editor, Dan Gardner, encourages us to “publicize conference,” I would like to put in a word for a Symposium on “The Changing Landscape of Canadian Electoral Law” organized by the Ottawa Law Review in association with the Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law. Marc Mayrand, the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada, will be there, as will some of the most eminent scholars in this area ”• Michael Pal and Yasmin Dawood, and other interesting speakers. And I’ll be there too, presenting a paper, which I co-wrote with Maxime St-Hilaire, about voter identification requirements in a comparative perspective.

It should be very interesting. A schedule and (free!) registration are available here.

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Leonid Sirota
Leonid Sirota teaches constitutional law at the Auckland University of Technology Law School. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Law, McGill University and the New York University School of Law. His main interests are Canadian constitutional law, other areas of public law and legal theory.

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