William Gardner is a child psychologist at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario and Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Ottawa. He writes professionally on children's mental health, on statistical methods in social research, on Canadian and US health policy, and on ethics. He also blogs at The Incidental Economist. @Bill_Gardner

Articles by this author

Evidence-based policy: Making it work

Many of us would like to see a world in which social policies comport with our best understanding of science. Is this possible? Professor Patrick Fafard is skeptical. the idea is to select among candidate policies …

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Stephen Harper's legacy for health care

During the 2015 election campaign the Conservative party offered no substantive health policy platform, maintaining that health policy was a matter solely for the provinces. The CPC noted, correctly, that under the Harper administration funding …

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Taking the Value of Health Care Seriously

Rachel Aiello published an interview with Health Minister Rona Ambrose yesterday in the Hill Times (paywall). Aiello asked what was the single biggest challenge facing Canadian health care today and the Minister replied: The need for innovation is …

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