Reva Seth is the CEO and cofounder of Business of Cannabis. She is also the founder of the Optimal Living Lab. She is working on her third non-fiction book, The Whole Person Advantage.

Articles by this author

A conversation on the new world of work

Everything about how, when and where we work is currently undergoing a seismic shift. Disruptive technologies, automation, offshoring and the death of the lockstep corporate career are having a ripple effect across the lives of …

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Give precarious workers a chance

”œI'm just finishing up my seventh contract since I graduated four years ago. I tend to find gigs in commercial real estate that let me earn enough to live OK while letting me work on …

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The case for the state as life coach

Following Oprah’s remarkable speech at this year’s Golden Globe Awards ceremony, there was a frenzy of speculation that she would run for president. A few days later, when she announced she had no intention of …

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The new realities of maternity leave

I have three close friends who are all expecting their first child in the next few months. One is a lawyer in a midsized firm, another is an entrepreneur with a client services business and the …

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