Martin Olszynski is an assistant professor in the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Law. Previously he was counsel with the federal Department of Justice, practicing environmental and natural resources law in the legal services unit at Fisheries and Oceans Canada (2007-13).

Articles by this author

Proposed Bill C-69 amendments undermine science

Earlier this month, the Senate Standing Committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources passed 187 amendments to Bill C-69, the federal government’s attempt to restore some credibility to, and public trust in, Canada’s environmental …

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Sustainability in Canada’s environmental assessment

In June 2017, the federal government released the Environmental and Regulatory Reviews discussion paper. It reiterated its commitment “to deliver environmental assessment and regulatory processes that regain public trust, protect the environment, introduce modern safeguards, …

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Un plan prônant le développement durable

Le rapport du comité d’experts qui a examiné les processus d’évaluation environnementale, intitulé Bâtir un terrain d'entente : une nouvelle vision pour l’évaluation des impacts au Canada, a été reçu avec scepticisme et même de …

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