Desmond Morton served from 1954-64 in the Canadian Army, has taught at the University of Ottawa, of Toronto, and McGill, and was president of Erindale College from 1986 to 1994.

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Afghanistan: to win or lose?

Some months ago, I reminded readers of Policy Options that Afghanistan was a deeply troubled place with a reputation for defeating its invaders. That did not guarantee that Canada's participation in the NATO-led International Security …

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Ken Taylor and the embassy caper

Our memories can be surprisingly short. A little over 30 years ago, on January 16, 1979, as Ken Taylor, Canada's ambassador to Iran had foreseen, though the US Central Intelligence Agency had refused to anticipate, …

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Shades of a minority

By now, anyone who is remotely interested knows that Quebec voters elected themselves a minority government last month. Learned commentators reminded their audiences that this was a rarity, with a lonely precedent buried in the …

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The Great Reputational War

Canadians accept a national stereotype of being boringly reasonable. No one would make that claim for the two most prominent Canadians in the Great War, 1914-19. Sam Hughes may have been, as Cook insists, the …

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Understanding Canadian Defence (book excerpt)

Military futures matter in peacetime because that is when both weapons and warriors are developed. The American victory over the Japanese navy at Midway in 1942 depended on aircraft carriers authorized years before Franklin Delano …

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When the masks of dictatorship fell

This is the 20th anniversary of the collapse of Communism across most of the world. In Beijing, a lone student defied a People's Liberation Army tank that was about to roll over him. Elsewhere, three …

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