Christopher Dunn is a professor of political science at Memorial University. He has published widely on constitutionalism, federalism and public policy. He was an invited witness before the Special Committee on Electoral Reform.

Articles by this author

Fed funding of cities: that's all there is

In June, municipal politicians gathered at the annual meeting of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), held in St. John's. As they have for the last half- decade, they awaited news of yet another innovative …

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Is it time to pin Trudeau down?

When it comes to intergovernmental relations, prime ministers seldom end up where they said they would. Realism collides with idealism. It happened to Stephen Harper, and to many prime ministers before him; it may yet …

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Why proportional representation is doomed

Proportional representation (PR) at the federal level in Canada is doomed.  This is because national leadership in North Atlantic triangle countries (Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States) tend to centralize power, especially where …

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