Adam Daifallah is a senior partner at Hatley Strategies, a Montreal public affairs firm. He is co-author, with Tasha Kheiriddin, of Rescuing Canada’s Right: Blueprint for a Conservative Revolution, and of Gritlock: Are the Liberals In Forever?, with Peter G. White.

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Among the Truthers (book review)

You can't defeat the Enlightenment's enemies unless you understand them,” writes Jonathan Kay in the preface to this book. It's an important statement because anyone looking for a volume debunking the myriad conspiracy theories floating …

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Sir John A. and all his Tory heirs

“So, who was the worst Conservative leader of all time?” a friend asked during a conversation a few months ago. “Was it Robert Manion, J.S.D. Thompson or maybe George Drew?” I had never pondered this …

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