Contributing Writer Velma McColl is a principal of the Earnscliffe Strategy Group, where her practice focuses on the environment, energy and clean technologies.

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After Cancún: Time to shift strategy

What a difference a year makes. The contrasts between the climate change conferences last year in Copenhagen and this year in Cancún are stark: while Copenhagen opened with bloated expectations of a global deal to …

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Building bridges to our energy future

Energy both unites and divides us as a country. We are blessed with significant energy riches: conventional fossil fuels, hydro, uranium, wind, tidal energy, and coal, for example. An elaborate network of pipelines, transmission lines …

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Deconstructing Copenhagen

Climate change is the mother of all complex issues. It is like chess in six or seven policy dimensions — energy, environment, economy, security, development, trade — and now geo-politics. It is a global and …

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Harnessing energy for change

Energy and climate change are two sides of the same have strong views about the costs and opportunities. After two coin, inextricably linked. Today we are facing generational challenges in our domestic energy systems, seeking to expand …

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The politics of a global climate change deal

In December, north of the 56th parallel, Copenhagen will host a geographic and temporal moment in history. Nearly 200 countries will gather to decide whether, over a few decades, our political ecosystems can collectively and …

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