Tom Kent, 1922-2011, was the Founding Editor of Policy Options, in 1980. Previously, he was senior adviser to Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson and architect of medicare and the Canada/Quebec Pension Plans, among other important social policy innovations of the 1960s. In retirement, he continued to contribute articles to the magazine he founded.

Articles by this author

A modest proposal: Kill corporate taxes

The sources of government revenue in economies have shifted greatly over recent decades. Less now comes from taxing business, more is paid directly by people. The trend may vary in speed but will not disappear. Internationally, …

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Des priorités pour un Canada progressiste

Le défi le plus aigu du Canada présentement, en matié€re d'affaires publiques, consiste aÌ€ réparer les instruments servant aÌ€ définir nos politiques et aÌ€ les mettre en œuvre. AÌ€ l'heure actuelle, ces instruments reposent sur …

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Giving meaning to Canadian citizenship

It was in 1947 that ”œCanadian citizen” replaced ”œBritish subject” as the legal description of a voting participant in this democratic society. One might think that by now the transition would be complete, the concept …

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How to make a new Liberal beginning

Choosing a leader and passing policy resolutions are not the most important business of the 2006 Liberal convention. Its dominant purpose should be to make the party again home to many people with enthusiasm and …

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Priorities for a progressive Canada

Today, the sharpest challenge in the public affairs of Canada is to repair the instruments for deciding and implementing policy. They depend on a public will, now diffused not only by diminished trust in politicians …

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The social democracy of Canadian federalism

Our unusually decentralized federalism creates a distinctively Canadian obstacle to social democracy. The delivery of services crucial to it — notably, health care, education, social assistance — is, for the great majority of recipients, an …

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