Sean M. Maloney teaches in the War Studies Programme at the Royal Military College of Canada. He served in Germany as the historian for the Canadian Army’s NATO contingent and its initial Balkans operations and continues to write on the pol-icy and operational aspects of globally deployed Canadian forces. He has just completed a history of Canadian peacekeeping policy and strategy during the Cold War.

Articles by this author

Afghanistan: Not the war it was

Afghanistan is not the war it was two years ago. The conflict has evolved dramatically but subtly, in ways not readily apparent to the casual observer or the Canadian media. Specifically, the effects of the …

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Canada, Afghanistan and the blame game

”œOur position on the dictators of the earth and secular groups and others that resemble them is that there are innocents among them and unbelievers among them and that there will be continuing enmity until …

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Canada's new and dangerous mission in Afghanistan

”œWhy are your governments, especially those of Britain, France, Italy, Canada, Germany and Australia, allying themselves with America in its attacks on us in Afghanistan?” Osama Bin Laden After a series of lethal suicide attacks directed …

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Time to reassess Canada's foreign aid

In 1988, several waves of Canadian Forces C-130 Hercules transport aircraft arrived in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, chock-full of famine relief supplies and medical personnel. These aircraft were requested after the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) …

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