D. Scharie Tavcer is an associate professor in the Department of Economics, Justice, and Policy Studies at Mount Royal University. Her academic endeavours revolve around social justice issues particular to violence against women.

Articles by this author

Finding a middle ground on prostitution

(This article has been translated into French.) If there was ever a topic within criminal justice that’s been hotly debated, it is prostitution. People may become entrenched in their views because of their ideology regarding sex work. …

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Trouver un terrain d’entente sur la prostitution

(Cet article a été traduit de l’anglais.) La prostitution figure parmi les enjeux les plus âprement discutés en justice pénale, sans doute parce que le commerce du sexe est souvent l’objet d’opinions idéologiquement enracinées, auxquelles se …

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