Roland Paris holds the University Research Chair in International Security and Governance at the University of Ottawa. He was a senior adviser to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

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A foreign policy for the future

In the March issue of the Literary Review of Canada, I write about the future of Canada's foreign policy in an open letter to the party leader who wins the 2015 federal election. Here's an excerpt: Rather …

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Canada's disappearing defence budget

Last year I blogged about the decline in Canadian military spending as a percent of gross domestic product (GDP). The most recent figures at that time were for 2013. I noted that defence spending had …

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The truth about Afghanistan

Canada's military mission in Afghanistan officially ends in March 2014. It began in 2001 with the dispatch of a small number of special operations troops to oust the Taliban and punish al-Qaeda militants in wake …

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Une Ă©ducation internationale pour nos Ă©tudiants

Le plus gros client du Canada, les États-Unis, se réoriente vers le protectionnisme. Les puissances émergentes transforment l’économie mondiale. L’intolérance s’accroît, y compris au Canada. La technologie révolutionne la nature du travail. Nous nous devons de …

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