Rainer Knopff is professor emeritus of political science, University of Calgary.

Articles by this author

Appointment ironies

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s appointment of seven of the Supreme Court’s nine judges has done his government little good. The high profile clashes between the “Harper Court” and the Harper government are the stuff of …

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Programme pour l’Alberta

L'Hon. Ralph Klein Premier ministre de l'Alberta Edmonton, Alberta Cher M. Klein, Pendant et après les récentes élections fédérales, nous avons débattu, tout comme de nombreux Albertains, de l'avenir de notre province. Nous avons été moins consternés par le …

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The Alberta agenda

Hon. Ralph Klein, Premier of Alberta, Edmonton Dear Premier Klein, During and since the recent federal election, we have been among a large number of Albertans discussing the future of our province. We were not dismayed by the outcome …

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Why we shouldn't entrench property rights

Canadian property rights advocates often wish their favoured rights could be entrenched in the Constitution. I want to suggest that this may be a misplaced desire, not because property rights are unimpor- tant””far from it!””but …

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