Peter Hicks worked for many years as assistant deputy minister, with policy responsibilities in a number of social departments and central agencies of the Government of Canada. He is the author of the 2016 IRPP Horizons essay, The Enabling Society.

Articles by this author

Beyond stealth in social programming

Ken Battle’s recent Policy Options article “Social Policy-Making Still Stealthy After All These Years” is a valuable reminder of the importance of his 1990 article (also in Policy Options) in which he described how large …

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Measuring poverty? Let’s get empirical

Efforts to find one simple indicator of poverty are unlikely to succeed and run the risk of misdirecting policies intended to reduce poverty. Better approaches exist, but they involve hard work and collaboration. They are …

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The inconvenient truth about pension reform

Canada’s retirement income system has attracted much attention in recent years, and there have been pension reform proposals at the national and provincial levels. Many of the proposed reforms are thoughtful and appear to be …

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