Patrick Fafard is the associate director of the Global Strategy Lab and a full professor in the Graduate School of Public & International Affairs at the University of Ottawa.

Articles by this author

On the limits of evidence for policy

Long ago and far away I took a course in philosophy of the social sciences.  Surprisingly, this philosophy course involved a field trip and a very peculiar one indeed.  On campus there was a small …

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On the merits of 'nudge'

In the budget last week the Government of Ontario announced that it was creating a Centre of Excellence for Evidence-Based Decision Making Support that will emphasize "using evidence to inform choices and lead change in …

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On the role of emotions in public policy

In an earlier post for this blog I challenged some of the conventional thinking about the relationship between scientific evidence and policy. One way of summarizing my argument is to say that, in a democracy, …

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When the perfect is the enemy of the good

In a recent column Andrew Coyne repeats his usual disdain for common action by Canada's provincial and territorial governments.  In his view joint action by provincial governments will result in: "widely varying targets, generally inadequate …

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