Mark Robbins is a researcher and commentator on issues at the intersection of public policy and technology. He is a public sector consultant on digital transformation at IBM Canada.

Articles by this author

Open data: an open-ended question

It was predicted that the Internet would forever change government. Policy-making would become a collaborative effort between the government and the public; governance would be shared with civil society, and the citizenry would be engaged …

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Start governing AI now, with some early limits

New technologies follow a fairly predictable cycle: First comes the hype, then disappointment, followed finally by measured and thoughtful acceptance. Artificial intelligence (AI) is still largely in the hype phase, still a novelty with a …

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The case against transparency in government AI

Governments are becoming increasingly aware of the potential for incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-assisted decision-making into their operations. The business case is compelling; AI has the ability to dramatically improve government service delivery, citizen …

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Why we need political economy

In 2013, the world was rocked by the release of Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century, a book that made arresting claims about rising levels of global income inequality and the tendency toward an …

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