Mark Cameron is Executive Director of Canadians for Clean Prosperity.  He was a senior policy adviser to prime minister Stephen Harper.

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A grand bargain for Alberta?

This post was co-written with Dave Sawyer, CEO of and Development Director of CMC Research Institutes (Carbon Management Canada) Low Carbon Pathways Group. Rachel Notley's first thought when she realized she had been elected premier must …

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How many solar panels does the Pope have?

Few, if any, institutions have the reach and influence of the Papacy, and Pope Francis great charisma has achieved unprecedented media coverage and popularity ratings.  Joseph Stalin made the mistake of underestimating Papal influence, sarcastically …

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Ontario still needs an electricity policy plan

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne admitted late last year that the provincial government had “made a mistake” and mismanaged electricity prices in Ontario. In doing so, the Premier was acknowledging what many experts had been saying …

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