Katherine Ragan is pursuing a degree in political science and economics at McGill University. Her main areas of interest are global public health and economic development.

Articles by this author

Charge it: How to juice electric cars

Electric cars have existed since the late 19th century. After being cast aside for the internal combustion engine, they have been a staple of futuristic thinking ever since. But only in the last five years, …

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Cutting greenhouse gases on the farm

Cows and sheep have always shouldered a chunk of the blame for rising greenhouse gas emissions, with extensive scientific evidence showing that the livestock production chain is responsible for a significant carbon hoofprint. Now, the …

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Reducing obesity by way of... sidewalks?

I n 2008, Mayor Mick Cornett — personal weight 217 pounds — put Oklahoma City on a diet. Numerous rankings repeatedly placed the state capital among the fattest cities in America, with obesity rates accelerating faster than in …

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