Graham Fraser, Commissioner of Official Languages, is the author of five books, including Sorry, I Don’t Speak French (2006).

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Frank Scott and the Canadian conundrum

Frank Scott was, in the words of political scientist Allen Mills, “arguably Canada's most accomplished all-round public intellectual” of the 20th century. Michael Oliver once observed that everyone knew a different Frank Scott. Indeed, previous …

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Je me souviens: the Quebec campaign, 2006

Election campaigns represent a fascinating nexus between policy and personality, anecdote and analysis, idealism and self-interest, narrative and numbers. When the 2006 federal election campaign came to an end and it was time to reflect …

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Whither the PQ?

The Parti Québécois' interest in language is well-known. Not only did its first government produce the Charte de la langue francaise in 1977, it spent many years in the decade leading up to the 1980 …

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