David T. Jones, a former minister counselor at the US embassy in Ottawa, follows Canada-US relations from Washington.

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Health care: America waits for Godot

As of early October, there was nobody in the who knew what a US health care/insurance reform agreement might resemble — or whether there would be one by year's end (or even at all). Smart …

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Obama at the two-year mark: No "morning in America"

Immediately prior to the 2008 US election, I wrote an article combining hubris and humility (“Foreign Policy: Obama vs. McCain,” Policy Options, October 2008). I played prognosticator regarding the foreign policy directions that a “President …

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The Afghanistan conundrum

I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. Winston Churchill, 1939 If Churchill were alive today, he might have a comparably apt depiction of Afghanistan. And …

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Trading over the fence

The famous aphorism of the poet Robert Frost is that “good fences make good neighbours.” Yes, but... Do longer, higher, barbed wire, electrified, security patrolled and access-controlled fences make for still better neighbours? Are we …

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YO, Canada! A Wake-Up Call for Y'All Up There

In the early through mid-1990s, US diplomats were sometimes asked about the status of our bilateral rela- tions with Canada. At first cautiously and then with increased confidence, we responded, ”œnever better.” Bilaterally, we had …

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