David Moscrop is a PhD candidate, Vanier scholar, and graduate fellow in political science at the University of British Columbia. He is a political theorist who studies the psychology of political judgment, with an emphasis on deliberative democracy and social psychology. In October 2015, his doctoral research on whether ordinary citizens can make good political decisions was featured on an episode of CBC Radio's Ideas. He lives in Vancouver.

Articles by this author

How we should debate electoral reform

Since it began in earnest a few months ago, the electoral reform debate in Canada has spread like a wildfire, uncontrolled and subject to the force of whichever wind happens to prevail at the moment. …

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When "following the rules" is not enough

When news broke that two senior PMO staffers billed the government for more than $200,000 in moving expenses, the immediate reaction was rage and indignation. It mattered little that it appears that the government’s rules …

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