Daniel Therrien was appointed Privacy Commissioner of Canada in 2014. He served as a lawyer with various federal departments, including the Solicitor General, the Correctional Service of Canada, the National Parole Board, the Department of Justice, and Citizenship and Immigration Canada. In 2005 he became assistant deputy attorney general, public safety, defence and immigration portfolio, at the Department of Justice. He was instrumental in negotiating the adoption of privacy principles governing the sharing of information between Canada and the United States under the Beyond the Border accord.


Assurer la protection de la vie privée au 21e siècle

L’Internet des objets, les téléphones intelligents, l’infonuagique et les algorithmes automatisés qui suivent tous nos mouvements en ligne exercent des pressions excessives sur la protection de la vie privée et requièrent l’élaboration d’une approche moderne …

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Protecting Canadians' privacy

Last week, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada submitted its 2015-2016 Annual Report to parliament. As well as giving a thorough account of the privacy risks facing Canadians today, the report calls on …

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