Carlo Dade is director of the Trade and Investment Centre, Canada West Foundation, and senior fellow at the School of International Development and Global Studies, University of Ottawa.

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NAFTA’s surging popularity in Canada

It’s no mystery why the topic of “women in the workforce” was a centrepiece of the first face-to-face meetings between Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump on Monday. It’s a low risk subject for both sides, …

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Plan B for Canadian trade policy

Canada needs a plan B for trade. On the one hand, Donald Trump’s election in the United States means a rocky road ahead for trade in Canada’s largest export market. On the other hand, the …

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The APEC summit and Canada’s reputation in Asia

The news trickling out of the APEC Summit in Vietnam on November 10 was confusing. Was the Trans-Pacific Partnership moving ahead, did Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sabotage efforts to revive it, or was it being “re-revived” after all? Only now is the smoke lifting, as the extent of the damage to Canada’s trading reputation …

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The Three Amigos are drifting apart

The North American Leaders’ Summit (NALS) being held at the end of June in Ottawa marks a symbolic beginning and an end of an era in North America. It’s the first visit by Mexican President …

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