Brian Mulroney is a Canadian politician who served as the 18th Prime Minister of Canada from 1984 to 1993.

Articles by this author

A call for a new Northern vision

When I was very young, we went to the foot of Champlain Street and swam in Baie Comeau, for which my hometown was named. Today, there is a park where we used to swim. The effluence …

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Memoirs (book excerpt)

With the close of the Francophonie Summit I had to face the alarming fact that the end point for a successful conclusion to the free trade talks was only a month away, with a deadline …

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Productivity: Canada's weakest link

 I want to focus specifically on a topic all too familiar to you — our lagging productivity performance. In fact, in remarks this year Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney chastised Canadian companies for being “too …

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Walk the talk on energy

We live in a world where the events of the moment — whether in Crimea or Syria or Afghanistan — signal unrelenting pressures of instability, where the U.S. inclination and capacity to assert global leadership is on …

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