Alex Mazer is a co-founder of Common Wealth, a company devoted to expanding access to retirement security. A graduate of Harvard Law School, he previously served as director of policy to the Ontario finance minister and as a consultant at McKinsey.

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A new approach

The road to building a more sustainable economy and reducing growing income inequality leads through the public treasury. Budgets are a government's main policy mechanism for dealing with problems like these, targeting more resources for …

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Getting pension reform back on track

Pension reform is an enterprise for those with patience. Major change typically happens only once every few decades. That's why the period since the financial crisis of 2008 has been so remarkable: it offered a …

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Time for a Canadian metropolitan revolution

The American political experiment runs on hope, but American politics hasn't had a lot of that lately. That's why what's been happening in American cities and metropolitan areas is refreshingly exciting. In New York, the …

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