Last week marked the launch of the IRPP’s Centre of Excellence on the Canadian Federation. To celebrate, we’re putting out a special edition of the podcast hosted by centre director Charles Breton.

Charles came to the IRPP in 2019 from Vox Pop Labs, where as research director he led the design of innovative public opinion research tools such as Vote Compass. He holds a PhD in political science from the University of British Columbia. Before pursuing an academic career, he was a researcher and journalist for current affairs programs on Radio-Canada.

He’ll be speaking with Jörg Broschek, Stéphanie Chouinard and Alain Noël, three political scientists who contributed essays to the centre’s inaugural series. They’ll be drawing on those essays to discuss last week’s Speech from the Throne and its implications for Canadian federalism.

This is a bilingual podcast. Skip to the 25-minute mark to listen to the French part of the episode.

Download for free. New episodes every other Wednesday. Tweet your questions and comments to @IRPP or @charlesbreton.

Download for free. Tweet your questions and comments to @IRPP.

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