Welcome to Demystifying Community Housing, a special series from the IRPP’s Policy Options Podcast, which explores the different facets of community housing and its role in addressing Canada’s housing crisis.

In this episode, we speak with Yushu Zhu and Meg Holden, professors of urban studies at Simon Fraser University, who are leading the production of this podcast series. Together we talk about their research on community housing, the reason they worked on this podcast and what listeners can expect.

Show notes

This episode is part of the Demystifying Community Housing Podcast series.

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Yushu Zhu
Yushu Zhu is an assistant professor of urban studies and public policy at Simon Fraser University. Her research focuses on the spatial and temporal patterns of housing stratification, sense of home, and social relations that constitute urban neighborhoods, in the context of dynamic urban processes. She pays special attention to communities of immigrants, low-income populations, ethnic minorities, and other equity-seeking groups.
Meg Holden
Meg Holden is professor of urban studies and resources and environmental management at Simon Fraser University. Meg is an engaged researcher who investigates urban sustainability, community and neighbourhood change,  environmental planning and policy. Together with Yushu Zhu, she is co-lead of the cross-cutting theme on addressing housing for vulnerable groups as part of the Community Housing Canada project.
Ricardo Bonjean Montrose
Ricardo Bonjean Montrose joined the IRPP in 2018. Previously he was a research assistant at the Institute of Cultural Affairs Japan in Tokyo, where he lived for two years. He holds a BA in history from the Université du Québec à Montréal, and a BA and an MA in international studies from the Université de Montréal.
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