In this episode of Demystifying Community Housing we hear from tenants, AnaLori Smith, Pam Gill and Rita Wong about what it’s like to live in community housing. We also talk to non-profit housing practitioners Marika Albert and William Azaroff about the challenges of operating community housing and supporting the well-being of their tenants.

Show notes

This episode is part of the Demystifying Community Housing Podcast series.

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Marika Albert
Marika Albert is the policy director at the BC Non-Profit Housing Association.
William Azaroff
William Azaroff is the C-E-O of the Brightside Community Homes Foundation based in Vancouver.
AnaLori Smith
AnaLori Smith works in the public sector in Ottawa as a diversity, equity, and inclusion professional.
Rita Wong
Rita Wong operates a food bank in partnership with different neighborhood organizations. She lives in a subsidized housing unit in Vancouver.
Pam Gill
Pam Gill is a retired social worker who lives in social housing in Vancouver.