The conversation surrounding the COVID-19 recovery has been almost entirely centred on the economy. Governments have allocated countless resources to protecting people from economic hardship and keeping businesses afloat.

But there is one aspect of Canada‚Äôs recovery that has received little attention from policy-makers: How do we heal people and cities, so that when we ‚Äúbuild back better‚ÄĚ we are building a society that includes and works for everyone?

This type of healing does not require a vaccine. It requires a rethink of who we are and how our cities operate. The pandemic did not create the issues that dominate the news cycle, such as racism, sexism and the repression of marginalized voices, but it did make these issues much more prevalent in everyday life.

This week’s podcast guest is Jay Pitter. An award-winning place-maker and author, she works in her practice to mitigate the growing divide in cities across North America. She will be discussing marginalized and underrepresented groups, their experience during the pandemic, and what policy-makers can do to truly build back better.

This podcast is part of the Reshaping Canada’s Cities After the Pandemic Shockwave special feature. 

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