A former diplomat, Colin Robertson is Vice-president of the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute and a senior adviser to McKenna, Long and Aldridge LLP.

Articles by this author

Beyond the Border and regulatory reform

Franklin Roosevelt was a president who understood the strategic value of Canada. He determined on a policy of “good neighborship” in “the realization that the wellbeing of one nation depends in large measure upon the wellbeing …

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Harper's world view

Addressing the Conservative Party faithful at their Ottawa convention in mid-June, Stephen Harper spoke of a world where “power is shifting.” “In such a world,” he declared, “strength is not an option: it is a …

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The China question and Canadian interests

History may not repeat itself but sometimes it rhymes. A hundred years ago, Britain was contending with the rising new powers — Russia, United States, Japan and, especially, the new contender, Germany. We know how …

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