We started with a basic question here at the Institute for Research on Public Policy at the beginning of 2022 as we contemplated the impending 50th anniversary of our founding.

“What should be on Canada’s policy radar?” we asked. What should we as a think tank – and publisher of Policy Options – be identifying as the defining challenges modern-day decision-makers will face?

To answer these questions, the IRPP partnered with major policy schools across the country to survey the landscape and explore issues requiring more thorough analysis.

The result is a series of nine events bringing together leading experts in their fields that started in the spring of 2022 and are continuing through the fall.

This Policy Options series is based on those panels.

In these articles, researchers and experts examine topics that range from the need for more principled and holistic governance responding to crises, threats to democracy and innovations to ease pressures on our health-care system.

Other topics include national security and the relative decline of the United States as the sole global superpower, the dire lack of rural housing and the desperation it is creating for renters in a no-win competition for affordable rentals. We will also explore the future of Indigenous governance, what Canada needs to build climate resilience in the wake of devastating heat domes, wildfires and flooding, and how we as a country manage the volatility in energy markets as we develop new energy systems.

This is not an exhaustive list of the challenges facing Canada, and it’s only a small sample of the problems the IRPP will try to help solve as we continue to research the country’s vexing public policy issues in coming decades.

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