December 1, 2002

Health Care: From Reinvesting to Reinventing

Options: Senator Kirby, these two reports that came out about the same time: the Romanow Commission report and the report of the Kirby Committee on Health Care: to what...

Michael Kirby
December 1, 2002

The Democratic Deficit

We are at the beginning of what I believe will be the most exciting decade of our times. Driven by the twin forces of glob- alization and technological advance,...

December 1, 2002

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Canadian industry must do its share to address cli- mate change. Many companies, including Alcan, have reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions since the early 1990s. But now it appears...

December 1, 2002

Kyoto : Pour une stratégie canadienne flexible

AÌ€ la Suite de l’annonce du Premier ministre Jean Chrétien que le Parlement canadien devrait se prononcer sur la ratification du protocole de Kyoto avant la fin de l’année,...

Philippe Barla, Jean-Thomas Bernard, Michel Roland
December 1, 2002

A Business Case for Responsible Climate Change

In 1997, the federal government picked a number out of the air and agreed that Canada’s commitment under the Kyoto Protocol should be to reduce its emissions of greenhouse...

Thomas d'Aquino
December 1, 2002

Two Roads to Kyoto: More or Less

Most Canadians support our ratification of the Kyoto Protocol for a profoundly non-economic reason. They worry about what kind of hellish lives their children and grandchildren will have to...

December 1, 2002

Kyoto – An Unlevel Playing Field?

Against a backdrop of increas- ing economic ties, the Kyoto Protocol emerges as a potential source of differences across the NAFTA partners. Were Canada to ratify the Protocol””the oft-repeated...

André Plourde
December 1, 2002

L’Entente de Charlottetown vue du Québec

J’étais membre du gouvernement du Québec lors des débats qui entouré€rent le référendum sur l’Entente de Charlottetown. Je fus appelé en cette qualité aÌ€ prononcer des discours et aÌ€...

Claude Ryan
December 1, 2002

Is CBC Really Biased?

In the August issue of Policy Options, Dr. Conrad Winn claimed that CBC television news is biased in favour of the left. It is imperative that we discuss this...

Tiziana Carafa
December 1, 2002

Living with the Euro

Part of going to a foreign country is spending time in stores fumbling with change, trying to make sense of the local currency. Arriving in France last August to spend...