March 1, 2002

TV news after September 11

Let me begin by reading some com- ments I found in newspaper edito- rials shortly after September 11th. The first one I read denounced, and I quote, ”œA few...

Peter Mansbridge
March 1, 2002

Le cyber-gouvernement : un modèle d’efficience

L’arrivée de l’Internet est en voie de changer tout le fonc- tionnement de la société. Les façons de produire et de livrer les biens et services aux agents économiques...

Yves Rabeau
March 1, 2002

The Aboriginal industry’s new clothes

One cold, bright day in Yellowknife we trudged across the snow to the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, where we were to witness an event that would dramatically...

Frances Widdowson, Albert Howard
March 1, 2002

Aboriginals and archaeologists: is collaboration possible?

What are the ethical responsibilities of archaeol- ogists who work with Aboriginal communities? While most researchers accept the importance of some degree of collaboration, what often goes unques- tioned...

Nathalie Piquemal, Bret Nickels
March 1, 2002

Trade and culture: rhetoric and reality

For the past 40 years a nationalist vision of protection and preservation has captured policy-makers in Canada’s cultural industries. While some commentators have presented opposing views, until recently they...

Christopher Maule
March 1, 2002

Do immigrants catch up economically?

The sometimes passionate discussion surrounding Canada’s always controversial immigration policy is often shaped by opinion rather than research. How many and what kind of immigrants we should welcome speaks...

Derek Hum, Wayne Simpson