Canada is rethinking the way it contributes to United Nations peacekeeping missions around the world. The federal government promised boots on the ground more than a year ago, and it has yet to deliver. But is that really where Canada should focus its efforts?

Our host, journalist and McGill University law student Ryan Hicks, spoke to Lou Pingeot, co-ordinator of McGill’s Centre for International Peace and Security Studies. She and Vincent Pouliot are the authors of the recent Policy Options article Replacer la paix au cœur des opérations de l’ONU.

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This podcast is part of the special feature Peacekeeping Reimagined.

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Ryan Hicks
Ryan Hicks is a law student at McGill University in Montreal, journalist and 2018 McBurney Latin America Fellow. He is a former Quebec political correspondent for the CBC and has reported from across Canada and around the world.
Lou Pingeot
Lou Pingeot est doctorante en science politique à l’Université McGill et coordonnatrice du Centre for International Peace and Security Studies (CIPSS). Sa recherche porte sur l’évolution des opérations de paix de l’ONU, en particulier le rôle croissant des contingents policiers.
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