Janice MacKinnon is a professor of fiscal policy at the University of Saskatchewan and a former Saskatchewan finance minister. She was formerly the chair of the Board of the IRPP from 2006-2012.

Articles by this author

EI: the law of unintended consequences

Recently, a Saskatchewan business person asked a pertinent and revealing question: why don't more unemployed Canadians from parts of the country with high jobless levels move to provinces that are experiencing labour shortages? One explanation is …

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Getting budget and policy priorities straight

Before discussing three critical policy challenges confronting Canada, I want to register my view that we also need to address our governance ”” our institu- tions, electoral system and fiscal relations among the three levels …

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L'arithmétique de la santé

Il y a une raison purement mathématique au taux d'aug- mentation du couÌ‚t des soins de santé pour le gouvernement, tout comme il y en avait une aÌ€ l'escalade inéluctable des déficits et de la …

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Striking a balance of budget choices

As well as committing $19 billion to the second round of stimulus spending, the 2010/11 federal budget outlines a plan to gradually reduce the deficit from $49.2 billion in 2010/11 to $1.8 billion in 2014/15 …

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The Green Shift, the Liberals and the west

It was a revealing moment during the English-language leaders’ debate when Stéphane Dion was asked how he intended to implement his Green Shift plan despite opposition to it from several premiers, including some Liberal ones. …

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