December 1, 2007

Alberta’s new official sport

Professional sport is a big busi- ness in Alberta. In the hockey rink and the football stadium, the province has deeply rooted and passionate rivalries in sports. An old...

December 1, 2007

Climate change: actions, not targets

As the Harper government searches for an effective cli- mate policy, it faces domestic and international pressure to have Canada sign on again to emission reduction tar- gets. Canada...

Chris Green
December 1, 2007

Managing Canada’s infrastructure gap

Anyone who is following the infrastructure file ””beyond counting the number of times their car hits a pothole on the way to bringing the kids to sports practice ””...

Guy Félio
December 1, 2007

Cities in Canadian federalism

Canada’s large cities are nice places to live. In terms of quality of life, Canadian cities consistently perform well in surveys. One well-known survey of cities around the world...

Enid Slack, Richard M. Bird
December 1, 2007

La dénationalisation

L’automne 2007 a été identitaire. Pendant que Gérard Bouchard et Charles Taylor faisaient leur tournée pour entendre les Québécois parler de leurs craintes et de leurs espoirs, Jean Charest...