July 1, 2002

Un État d’ɶcuménisme politique

J’ai été enchantée de l’invitation de Hugh Segal à vous adresser la parole lors de ce dîner pour souligner le 30 anniversaire de l’Institut de recherche en politiques publiques. J’ai...

Adrienne Clarkson
July 1, 2002

The NDP after Alexa: pursue the Green Cohort

On June 7, Canadian Auto Workers president Buzz Hargrove wrote in the comment pages of The Globe and Mail (where else?) that the New Democratic Party must turn Left....

Michael Valpy
July 1, 2002

Medical savings accounts: not the right prescription

Medical savings accounts (MSAs) have caught the attention of health-care reformers in Canada. Both the interim report of the Senate’s Kirby Committee and the report of the Mazankowski Commission...

Jeremiah Hurley
July 1, 2002

A Canada-E.U. FTA is an awful idea

Over the past 50 years, as geography, demography, consumer choice, business judgement, policy choice and more have rendered the trade and economic ties between Canada and the United States...

William A Dymond, Michael Hart
July 1, 2002

The Post modern: it’s time for serious postal reform

National postal systems””or simply Posts””do not draw the critical attention they once did. Better management and reduced government interference have improved their performance and pushed them into the policy...

Robert M. Campbell
July 1, 2002

Canada needs a new forest tenure system

Clear-cutting, the softwood lumber dispute between Canada and the United States, and disputes between provincial governments and First Nations over natural resource ownership have all recently been grist””or perhaps,...

K.A. Armson
July 1, 2002

Look who’s addicted to gambling now

In the past several decades the call for smaller and more accountable government has been widespread in Canada. In many cases, governments have reacted by privatizing Crown corporations, limiting...

Thomas R. Klassen, Jim Cosgrave
July 1, 2002

CBC Television News has a bias problem

Though short of being universal, there is a reasonably wide- spread view in government, the universities, the press, and even in private radio and television that CBC Television News...

Conrad Winn
July 1, 2002

Green or greedy? Canada’s Kyoto credits

Canada must soon decide whether to ratify the Kyoto Protocol and join an international attempt to arrest the man-made or ”œanthropogenic” causes of global warming. To ease its economic...

Jeff Colgan
July 1, 2002

Inherited power makes a comeback

The philosophers and writers of the Enlightenment were the first in modern times to systematically question the notion that political power and privi- lege should be inherited from generation...

July 1, 2002

Memo to Mr. Chrétien: stick with the Americans

Prime Minister: We urge you to write to President Bush. Don’t be angry, be cool””otherwise he won’t read it. Anyway, he already knows you’re annoyed because of softwood, fish...

Tom Velk, Todd Fox